Mockingbirds Approach Camera – Reflections of Nature

The mocking birds, like many of the other wildlife found in the Galapagos are quite naïve because of the lack of land predators on the islands. On our landing at Gardner Bay we were greeted by the Española Mockingbird. Apparently because of the lack of water on the island, these birds see humans as a potential source of water. At every opportunity you can see these guys searching through our belongings hoping to quench their thirst with whatever their little beaks could find.

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Scared King Penguin Chic – Reflections of Nature

On a trip to South Georgia I had the opportunity to film many unique moments with the king penguins. Here we can see a young chick surrounded by many other adult penguins. He takes a moment to observe his world around him before shortly seeking the warmth of its mother.

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Baby Flamingo Feeding – Reflections of Nature

Greater Flamingos can be found throughout the Galapagos Islands. During one of our early morning hikes on Floreana Island we took a short walk to a lagoon to photograph some flamingos. To our surprise, off in the distance we saw an adult female flamingo feeding its young.

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Snorkeling with Sea Lions – Reflections of Nature

The Galapagos has a fairly large population of Sea Lions throughout the Islands. In this video a GoPro camera rigged to the bottom of the ocean floor captures a special moment with Ecuadorian naturalist Jeffo Marquez and a Galapagos Sea Lion.

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Humpback Whale Breach – Reflections of Nature

One of my favorite and challenging things to do whenever I’m in Southeast Alaska is to film humpback whales breaching. Most of the time it all comes down to luck. You never know exactly where they are going to breach. Fortunately this time, I had the camera rolling at the exact spot the whale breached. In the end I came out with this amazing shot.

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Blue Footed Boobies Diving – Reflections of Nature

A popular sea bird among tourist visiting the Galapagos Islands is the Blue-Footed Booby. On an early morning hike at Espumilla Beach I was able to capture two blue-footed boobies from take off to diving in the ocean in search for food.

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South Georgia – St. Andrews Bay Video

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Hundreds of Fur Seals on the Beach – Video

One of the great surprises of South Georgia are the abundance of fur seals that can be found there. On my first trip to South Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit Ocean Harbour, which was the location of an old whaling station. During my visits to the Galapagos Islands I had the chance to see five or six fur seals but on South Georgia, they number in the hundreds. The first time I stepped foot on Ocean Harbour I was in awe at the number of fur seals I saw. There were fur seals everywhere. They were all over the beach and in the water. Not only that, they were congregating in the lush grass at the base of the mountain. There were so many sea lions that it made me feel like an alien on another planet.

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Gentoo Penguin Collecting Rocks For Nest – Video

On the third day of our trip to the Antarctica Peninsula the scheduled trip was supposed to be at Port Lockroy but because of ice conditions we went on the other side of the mountain to a place called Dorian Bay. After filming for two hours my last destination for the day was to a small Gentoo penguin colony at the base of the mountain. As I was about to return to the ship, something caught my eye. Out of the hundred or so penguins I noticed one penguin walking back and forth collecting rocks. After close inspection I noticed that this male penguin was building a nest for another female penguin. I was fascinated by this behavior so I decided to set my camera down and start recording this action. The male penguin diligently and proudly went about his business collecting rocks and impressing the female penguin. Five minutes went by and then I had to pack up my camera and make my way back to the ship.  In the meanwhile this male penguin was still on his rock collecting mission. Walking back to the ship I reflected upon this courtship and thought how us humans are not so different after all. Even though we aren’t programmed to collect rocks we do have our own courting behavior that is unique to us as a species. But at the end of the day it seems that it’s always the male trying to impress the female regardless of what species you are.

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South Georgia – Right Whale Bay Video

During my trip to Antarctica, I had the pleasure of visiting South Georgia an island northeast of the Antarctica Peninsula in the South Atlantic Ocean. In terms of wildlife this place is sensory overload with thousands of King Penguins and Fur Seals all over the island.

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