Bad Hombre Sides

[Lucy Tompkins] [Gender: Caucasian Female] [Age: 18-25][Spanish Speaking]

[Ricardo Sanchez] [Gender: Hispanic Male] [Age: 18-25][Native Spanish Speaker]

[Diane Tompkins] [Gender: Caucasian Female] [Age: 40-55]

[Maria Sanchez] [Gender: Hispanic Female] [Age: 40-55][Native Spanish Speaker]

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Bad Hombre Casting Notice

Production Title: Bad Hombre
Union/Non Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Compensation: Copy, Credit, Food
Project Length: Short (14 minutes)
Project Format: HD
Production Location: San Diego
Company Website:
Director: Mark Coger
Producer: Michael Arturo
Shooting Location: North County San Diego
Shooting Dates: December 2, 3, 9, 11

Audition Date: November 11th
Audition Time: 3pm – 6pm
Audition Address: 5703 Oberlin Dr., Ste. 210
San Diego,CA92121

Please Send headshots/photos/demo reel to:


Bad Hombre is a coming-of-age drama that centers around Ricardo, an eighteen-year-old Mexican immigrant living in California as a day laborer, and Lucy a senior in high school coming from an upper middle class conservative family The film explores their relationship together as Lucy tries to keep it a secret from her parents. But things get worse for Ricardo when Lucy tries to deepen the relationship to the next level. Does he ignore her sexual advances or does he let himself be guided by his libido that could potentially put him at risk of getting in trouble or worse be deported and separated from his family?

Character Bios:

[Lucy Tompkins] [Gender: Caucasian Female] [Age: 18-25][Spanish Speaking]

Lucy Tompkins, a needy insecure high school student that comes from a white upper middle class family keeps her fledgling relationship with the young Hispanic gardener a secret from her conservative minded parents who would immediately disapprove if they found out.

[Ricardo Sanchez] [Gender: Hispanic Male] [Age: 18-25][Native Spanish Speaker]

Ricardo Sanchez, a humble hard working young Mexican gardener who has been in California illegally for less than year, struggles with the English language but also determined to make a better life for himself. He learns a hard truth that puts him in jeopardy of being deported after his fledgling relationship with Lucy takes a turn for the worse.

[Diane Tompkins] [Gender: Caucasian Female] [Age: 40-55]

Diane Tompkins is an inattentive and culturally unaware mother/wife. Her main focus is on her engagements with friends while at the same time fulfilling her role as the caretaker of the family.

[Maria Sanchez] [Gender: Hispanic Female] [Age: 40-55][Native Spanish Speaker]

Maria Sanchez, the mother of of Ricardo, is very protective for her son and family. Also an illegal, she wishes to keep a low profile to keep out of trouble but the situation worsens as her son finds himself in deep trouble with the law.

[Conchita Delgado] [Gender: Filipino Female] [Age: 35 – 40][Native Tagalog Speaker]

Conchita Delgado, is the house cleaner for the Tompkins family. She’s a hardworking woman who’s good at her job. She comes across as quiet and timid but deep inside she has a devious side to her.

[Male Police Officer] [Gender: Caucasian Male] [Age: 30-45]
[Female Police Officer] [Gender: Caucasian Female] [Age: 30-45]

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Mockingbirds Approach Camera – Reflections of Nature

The mocking birds, like many of the other wildlife found in the Galapagos are quite naïve because of the lack of land predators on the islands. On our landing at Gardner Bay we were greeted by the Española Mockingbird. Apparently because of the lack of water on the island, these birds see humans as a potential source of water. At every opportunity you can see these guys searching through our belongings hoping to quench their thirst with whatever their little beaks could find.

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Scared King Penguin Chic – Reflections of Nature

On a trip to South Georgia I had the opportunity to film many unique moments with the king penguins. Here we can see a young chick surrounded by many other adult penguins. He takes a moment to observe his world around him before shortly seeking the warmth of its mother.

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Baby Flamingo Feeding – Reflections of Nature

Greater Flamingos can be found throughout the Galapagos Islands. During one of our early morning hikes on Floreana Island we took a short walk to a lagoon to photograph some flamingos. To our surprise, off in the distance we saw an adult female flamingo feeding its young.

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Snorkeling with Sea Lions – Reflections of Nature

The Galapagos has a fairly large population of Sea Lions throughout the Islands. In this video a GoPro camera rigged to the bottom of the ocean floor captures a special moment with Ecuadorian naturalist Jeffo Marquez and a Galapagos Sea Lion.

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Humpback Whale Breach – Reflections of Nature

One of my favorite and challenging things to do whenever I’m in Southeast Alaska is to film humpback whales breaching. Most of the time it all comes down to luck. You never know exactly where they are going to breach. Fortunately this time, I had the camera rolling at the exact spot the whale breached. In the end I came out with this amazing shot.

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Blue Footed Boobies Diving – Reflections of Nature

A popular sea bird among tourist visiting the Galapagos Islands is the Blue-Footed Booby. On an early morning hike at Espumilla Beach I was able to capture two blue-footed boobies from take off to diving in the ocean in search for food.

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South Georgia – St. Andrews Bay Video

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Hundreds of Fur Seals on the Beach – Video

One of the great surprises of South Georgia are the abundance of fur seals that can be found there. On my first trip to South Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit Ocean Harbour, which was the location of an old whaling station. During my visits to the Galapagos Islands I had the chance to see five or six fur seals but on South Georgia, they number in the hundreds. The first time I stepped foot on Ocean Harbour I was in awe at the number of fur seals I saw. There were fur seals everywhere. They were all over the beach and in the water. Not only that, they were congregating in the lush grass at the base of the mountain. There were so many sea lions that it made me feel like an alien on another planet.

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